Carry Out The Award-Winning Competition For All Staff To Learn The Knowledge of The New Safe Production Law in 2022

In order to prevent the occurrence of major production safety accidents, further enhance the awareness of production safety and self-protection ability of the majority of employees, and promote the further standardization of production safety work, according to the documents of the relevant departments of the superior government and in combination with the safety month activity plan of our company, in July 2022, the activity of learning the new Production Safety Law for all employees was carried out in the company. This competition uses various ways of online simulation knowledge point learning, theory point examination and on-site interactive competition to let everyone know the knowledge points related to departments, employees, production and enterprise rules and regulations in the new Safe Production Law.

This competition has set up simulation practice, individual competition and team competition. More than 100 people from 9 departments of the company participated in the competition. Finally, Chen Zhe of the R&D Department won the first prize of the individual competition, and the research team composed of the R&D Department and the Electrical and Instrument Department won the first prize of the group competition.


After the competition, the participants watched the warning film of safety production accidents and exchanged views and preventive measures on some safety accidents. Through this competition, everyone has a certain understanding of the knowledge of safe production, and through this knowledge competition, all employees of the company strive to further strengthen the work of safe production and labor protection, let everyone pay attention to safety, enhance self-protection awareness, know the law, and abide by discipline, so as to put an end to the occurrence of major accidents and ensure the continuous stability of the situation of safe production.

Post time: Feb-15-2023